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Wagonlife and theater performance at hotell Vagabond – Abbekås


”Picture yourself falling asleep while listening to the songs of leafy trees beneath the summer stars in a traditional and delicately decorated gypsy wagon, on soft mattresses with fresh sheets, eiderdowns and cosy pillows. Maybe after a barbecue by the glimmering campfire. Then waking up to a breakfast with tasty coffee and deliciously fresh bread from the famous local baker.

All of this can be found in Örmölla’s beautiful old school in Abbekås, by the long sandy beaches in the southernmost part of Skåne. The former school building has been newly fitted-up with a kitchen, dining hall, showers, bathrooms and all other modern conveniences needed for a comfortable vacation. The building has also been designed for disabled persons where needed and we have a pavilion suited for disabled persons

We who have launched and own the hotel are two actors, who have toured from Boliden in the far north of Sweden to the desert city of Timbuktu in Mali in the south. We have seen many places in the world, often living a vagabonding life, staying at countless hotels most of which did not leave behind any deeper mark. But there were some gems. – That is the kind of hotel we now have created!

Since we also have our own theatre in the house – Teater Kapija – we give our own performances and arrange special guest performances and concerts. We work together with many artists and creative friends who have the ability to surprise ourselves as well as our guests.

Now we invite the world to us. And to give you more than just shelter for the night. You are more than welcome to dream your own magical dreams in our beautiful Vagabond wagons.”

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