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Visit the rape seed mecca at Gunnarshög – Hammenhög

//Gunnarshögs Gård is a family estate and has been run by the Nilsson family since 1897.  Starting out as a traditional farm the enterprise has developed into an innovative food business with rapeseed oil at its core. The rape is grown on the family estate and on farms nearby which puts us in full control of the entire production process, from seed to bottle. The gentle cold-press process is carried out on the farm at a low temperature with mechanical power pressing the oil out of the seed. This yields a high-quality rapeseed oil with a natural golden colour and a wonderful nutty flavour. We hope and also believe that our local production can contribute to a countryside of life and opportunity and a sustainable development together with the chance of  offering you the possibility of healthy choice leading to a good quality of life.

In our well-attended shop you will find, apart from all our different oils, vinegar, mustard, spices and marmelades. And in our café, open throughout the summer, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches and sweet delicacies, all baked and prepared in the café kitchen. Come and visit us on the farm and we will tell you even more.//

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