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Tjörnedala artcenter – Baskemölla


”It all started in 1968. A handful of artists decided to open their studios to the public during whitsuntide. Six years later the Open Studio Week during withsun had developed into the Easter Open Studios Week with over 60 artists involved. It needed some sort of organization. After several important meetings ÖSKG was born.


ÖSKG has today over 140 members. Most of the artistic fields are represented. Sculptors, painters, textile artists, glassblowers, silversmiths, ceramic artists, printmakers, handcraftsmen, wood and computer artists congregate several times during the year to hold meetings to vote in the presiding committee and chairman.

Since 1991 ÖSKG runs an art gallery, Tjörnedala konsthall in Baskemölla. Except the Easter Open Studios Weeks collection exhibition it shows about 6–8 other exhibitions during the year. Most of the Artists are invited and come from other parts of Sweden or abroad. For example; Peter Greenaway from Great Britain and John Olsen from Denmark (Denmark’s participate at the Venice Biennale 1996). ÖSKG also arranges workshops and seminaries for artists.”